Commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion demonstrated through new draft framework

The GOsC’s Council considered a new draft Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Framework for 2021-24 at its latest meeting.

The framework sets out our EDI objectives and the actions we intend to take as well as the GOsC’s legal and policy duties in this area.

It also describes our commitment to:

Promote equality: We will ensure that our regulatory activities are fair and free from unlawful discrimination and that this is reflected in the standards we set for the osteopathy profession. And in doing this, we will also promote equality of opportunity and access to the osteopathy profession.

Value diversity: In line with our new Communications and Engagement Strategy, we will communicate and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders in an accessible and timely manner. We will continue to recognise the strength which exists in diversity and we will ensure we value this in our recruitment, development and ongoing work of staff, non-executives and stakeholders.

Embrace inclusivity: Diverse and inclusive organisations outperform homogeneous businesses. We will ensure our culture and values enable those who work with us to be their true selves without hesitation, and for their views to be included fully, with respect and dignity. Matthew Redford, Chief Executive and Registrar, said: ‘Equality, diversity and inclusion is integral to the work of the GOsC and this new draft framework will guide our approach over the coming years.

‘We are very interested in hearing from osteopaths, patients and our regulatory partners on this draft Framework and I would encourage everyone to read more about our work and to help us further develop our thinking in this area of significant importance to everyone’.

Taking on board Council’s considerations when it met on 2 February, the GOsC’s executive team will now seek feedback from stakeholders on the draft framework before it is considered for approval by Council later in the year.