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Find the Perfect Plan for you

Our basic level job posts are completely FREE and always will be. If you’re looking for that extra oomph to make your ad stand out from the rest, then our premium and platinum packages offer the solution for you. For anyone looking for a jobs package for multiple job postings, please contact us on contact@mskjobs.co.uk.

Basic Package

Advertise your available jobs, for free! All ads will require an approval from our administrators and once live will remain on the site until the job is filled or your expiry date is reached.

Premium Package

Our premium listing puts your job listing in a much more visible place - at the top of the jobs listing page. In addition, we highlight your job to make it even more striking.. Your listing will then be shared on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages! This is sure to make your job listing stands out from the others.

Platinum Package

Our Platinum Job Listing is guaranteed to get your job noticed. Not only do we feature your advertisement on the job listings page but we'll highlight it as a platinum listing. We'll also send it out to our practitioner database, feature it on our Social Media channels AND post it at the top of our home page as an animated advert for 5 days!