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Clinic / practitioner websites

We've learnt that Marketing is often hardly touched upon with students on Musculoskeletal degree courses. Considering the vast majority of students graduate and become self employed clinicians, often the key to success or failure is in how you market yourself to potential clients. A striking website is often your patients first point of contact with you and so having a clear, concise and navigable website is absolutely crucial.

Social / Email Campaigns

Responses to the idea of social media in conjunction with Healthcare can be very mixed. The idea of splattering your very own profile with posts singing your own praises or attempting to drum up interest from potential clients can seem very alien or even repulsive to some. We can help you become comfortable with managing your own social media presence, or even run your campaigns for you!

Likewise, it's easy to have a case of writers block when faced with filling an entire newsletter with content to send to your current clients & patients. Regular communication is key to a strong relationship with your client base and we can help you write, edit and send your updates out on a regular basis.

Marketing Material

Although digital marketing is becoming more and more prevalent with every passing year, your clientele as a Private Healthcare Clinic will vary greatly. Spreading your promotional material across all forms of marketing will guarantee that you are reaching the full array of potential audiences. Whether you need help creating engaging leaflets, business cards or flyers, we can help you.

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